Take you from the Tiger to the Gator …

Lacoste Book by Assouline

assouline lacoste book 2 150x150 Lacoste Book by Assoulineassouline lacoste book 1 150x150 Lacoste Book by Assouline

I just want this as stationary art for my coffee table.  But I love books like this. History is preserved legacy told to future heirs.  Swiped from HighSnobiety.


Since the birth of the iconic alligator – the world’s first clothing logo and the symbol of its French tennis-great namesake – in 1933, Lacoste has been nearly synonymous with sport. When champion René Lacoste put his fa vored tennis uniform (a white piqué polo shirt) into production for the mass market, it revolutionized the standard stiff and starchy athletic attire, usher ing in an era of sport styles that were as comfortable and functional as they were chic.

It is an aesthetic that continues to guide the brand today, with its expansion into casualwear, footwear, and accessories.

In an ingenious marriage of adjective and image, this book presents a full range of words and concepts synonymous with the storied brand: Heritage. Well-being. Cotton. Quality. Air. Lightness. Joie de vivre. Iconic. It is an encyclopedia of casually elegant style.

Those principles can already be seen in the design of the book, which comes in a series of colorways, each only featuring the iconic alligator logo on the cover. Look out for a release fromAssouline later this month.


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